Saturday, July 31, 2004

Handy Guide to Google

Here is a handy guide to Google.

Please feel free to link to it.
Official Google sites

Google sitemap

About Googlebot, the spider that indexes your Web pages
Google image search
Google newsgroup search
Google Open Directorysearch
Google advanced search
Google catalogsearch
Google product search (beta)
Google news search
Google answers(ask a question, an expert answers for a fee)
Select your preferred language for Google searches
Google language

Google help (an extensive
help directory)

Google Technology (why use Google)
Google technology joke
Google technology for your own applications
Google search for your own site
Google developer kit(API, for software developers)
Special features (tips and tricks for Google searches)
Google Newsletter (every two months)
Work at Google
Holiday logos

Google labs (Google's ideas that aren't ready for "prime time" yet)
Report spam to Google

Google Zeitgeist (search trends and statistics)

Google Zeitgeist 2002 timeline

Google toolbar (surfing tool for MS Internet Explorer)

Google toolbar help

Google worldwide (countries and languages)

Google warns of shady seo practices

10 things Google has found to be true

Third party sites

Google Alert

Google FAQ

Google Village

Query Google from this special search page
Search Google by email
Touchgraph Google browser (creates a graphical result map)
Query Google and get an email when there are new results
Google upside down (Elgoog)
What Google thinks about you (Googlism)
Alternative Google logos
Who owns the alphabet? Google queries from a to z

Google Watch (a critical page about the darkside of Google) ( My favourite!)

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