Thursday, July 29, 2004

RFID chips in UK ID cards?

RFID chips currently cost 25 pence. In five years time they will be 10 a penny. They will be put on the ID cards initially to facilitate entry to government buildings, a move that will be welcomed by our overblown 'civil service' - a major misnomer if ever their was one. Building a tracking system would be incredibly cheap although if the government is buying it will be incredibly expensive. A real ID card would be welcome on price alone as it would mean we could fire all the benifits office staff, half the police force, 3/4 of the Home Office, all the security/receptionists/greeters asking for our name and address everytime we ask about a government service nevermind actually using it. The civil service should not be allowed to vote as they have a vested interest in the government staying the same. Current members of the civil service subsidised -with our money- Saddam Hussein (Export Credit Garantee) for years. They should be fired and their houses sold to recoup some of the money.This would act as a deterant to the currant lot dealing with the Iranians and the Isrealis. So before we the people have a government ID card to go along with our other IDs, it is worth remembering that it is a GOVERNMENT ID number,on their database which we will not have access to. The card only needs to carry one piece of information THAT GOVERNMENT ID number. This will be very easy to link to every other database the government has on us. And that is actually why the government wants it. When the government gives ID numbers to all the civil servants and a webpage to go with that number containing links to their job description, salary contract,contact details,budgets, annual reports,their files, etc.,etc., then and only then should we consider ID cards for the general population. Lets stop the dog's tail becoming really fat and weighing the poor dog down so much he can hardly move. Stop the tail wagging the dog. This fat tail can't wag the dog anyway.

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