Tuesday, August 21, 2007

List of PC and IT services for Leicester Users

We have updated our services list and it can be viewed below or here

Services Available from node-net logo

New PC setup
connect to internet, install anti virus and antispyware, setup browser, and email client., connect leads

Price £45

Install Printer
Install printer on system incl. supplied software

Price £35

PC Tune up
install up to date antivirus and antispyware, scan system,remove bad files, driver updates, recommend upgrades, keep your machine running quick

Price £45

ADSL setup
Install adsl modem and router for single user

Price £45

Wireless ADSL setup
Wireless ADSL router setup, security enabled, Access points

Price £60

Data Transfer
Move files from one PC to another, move all your music,pics,data, contacts, etc to your new pc,

Price £35

PC Upgrade installation
Install recommended upgrades,

Price £30

Data recovery
Data recovery from damaged harddisc, backed up to CD or DVD

Price £100

Network server setup
Set up of a Linux or Windows server 1-8 clients, datatorage,internet and email access, security

Price £350

PC Security Analysis
PC security check, How is your firewall performing? What security issues do you need to address? Remove spyware,spy related programs, set security settings, Check PC for vulnerabilities.

Price £45

Network security check
For networks 1-8 clients,How is your firewall performing? What security issues do you need to address? Remove spyware,spy related programs, set security settings, Check network for vulnerabilities.make recommendations

Price £280

Domain registration and hosting
Domain registered for 1 year with fast hosting, unlimited email addresses, 100mb of webspace.

Price £150

Web site design 4-page
Point of presence site with contact form,

Price £250

Web design e-commerce shop
full featured e-commerce site, supporting almost all payment gateways, search engine friendly design, from

Price £1000

Website health check
Have your website checked for search engine visibility, accessability, analytics, speed, Report and recommendations

Price £100

Website optimisation and analytics
Website optimised for Google, Yahoo and MSN, analytics installed. Bespoke service not automated program.

Price £350

Database Design
Bespoke database design from

Price £1000

Pre Purchase consultation
Need to talk through what it is you need? Hardware, software, networks,services, etc, from per hour

Price £50

Unspecific troubleshooting
We will approach almost any IT related problem. If we cant solve it we will know someone who can. From per hour

Price £50

Available within 5 miles of Leicester City centre, Outside of Leicester travelling charges apply.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

BlackBerry Pearl Software

I have come accross a great source of software for the BlackBerry range of handsets. The software is written by lots of differant companies and made available for download by Handango. Some of the software has try before you buy versions. Browsers, organisers, maps, etc., are available broken into differant catogories for easy shopping.
Handango BlackBerry Software

Blackberry Software source par excellance!