Sunday, July 18, 2004

What do you need for a webshop?

First you need a domain name You need to have control of this domain - ie be able to change DNS servers when you want.
Then you need hosting that is a place where your domain name lives. There are different types of hosting so make sure that the hosting you are offered is able to do want you need it to.
Then you need a website written that allows your customers to browse your goods or services and also allows you to update your stock, details ,pictures, prices, etc.
You will need a way of taking money in. You could use something like Paypal - an online payment service, or you could get your own credit card Merchant account. If you go for the second option you will have to have a digital security certificate on a secure server.

Node-net offers a way through this minefield by looking after all aspects of setting up a webshop.

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