Wednesday, September 26, 2012

BT and Sky using DNS for user tracking?

Both the new Sky ADSL modem and the BT Homehub 3 do not allow the user to choose DNS servers.
Why is this?
BT says it is a security issue.
 I would suggest that this is how the government web use surveillance will work. By forcing users to use a particular DNS server then all web requests can be monitored fairly easily, probably on an expandable Amazon cloud server.
 If you are worried about government surveillance I would also suggest changing your router to one that allows you to set the DNS servers. You could use Google's public DNS servers or other publicly available DNS servers.
 So it seems that BT and Sky are being very compliant to government surveillance "needs", and not to the privacy of their customers.
 What is BT's code of practice with regard to use of the DNS servers?

 To people who say 'If you are not doing something wrong, you have nothing to fear?'
 I say "Where would you draw the line on surveillance, your front door, your kitchen, your phone, your bedroom?"
 Ask yourself why does the government need to surveillance me? And the bloke next door? And my Mum?
And you'll find the answer is they don't