Monday, August 02, 2004

UK Government asks eBay to collect NI numbers?

While visiting eBay yesterday 2nd August 2004 I read an article about email spoofs. In the article it said "eBay would never request your username details, password, NI number..... in an e-mail."
NI number? was that a slip of the tongue (or keyboard). Are Ebay considering asking their clients for their NI number some other way.
Would Ebay do this of its own volition or is the heavy hand of government involved? Ebay has been getting some stick on ITV recently (Trevor MacDonald being weird and trying to superimpose people being ripped off and the income of Ebays owners and a little bit about people being addicted to Ebay)
You are probably less likely to get ripped off on Ebay then you are in your local shop. The mainstream 'news journalists' dont tend to do stories that the government hasn't been consulted on, so look out for breaking news concerning terrorist moneylaundering on Ebay soon.
It really is a basic right to be able to sell your stuff privately if you want to.

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