Friday, July 09, 2004

AOL Broadband slower than they say

AOL has had its wrists slapped by the UK advertising watchdog for an advert it used to promote its 1Mb broadband service.

The advert featured a cheetah with running spikes on its feet and the text: "Live faster with AOL's new Broadband 1Mb service".

According to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), a member of the public challenged the claim "1Mb Broadband" as a connection speed of 1Mb “was unlikely because the service was shared by many users.”

This complaint was upheld by the ASA, which concluded that the claim of “1Mb exaggerated the likelihood of achieving the maximum download speed". AOL has since changed its advertisements to include the vital words “up to” in front of any speed descriptions of its broadband services

This is probably true of all the 'home consumer' ADSL services offered in the UK at the moment. To get a decent service you need a business level limited contention style connection. Do not be taken in by the high speeds offered by BT,NTL,AOL,Tiscali,et al they can only be achieved when no one else on your street is downloading anything. These services are very prone to slowing down when your next door neighbour's spotty kid is downloading DVD's all day.
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