Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Jargon Buster for TV screens

Some terms relating to television screens explained. Brought to you by node-net large screen suppliers of the Nikia 42" Plasma Screen

These televisions refresh 100 times per second, making screen flicker undetectable to the naked eye.
The widescreen shape (16:9) provides a picture close to that of which you would see in the cinema. Larger Televisions are now adopting the Widescreen picture format (16:9).
Traditional television picture format.
Aspect ratio
The ratio of height to width for a TV screen. This ratio is 4:3 on standard screens, and 16:9 on widescreens.
Input sockets
Input sockets, in the form of SCART sockets and s-video sockets, in the TV allowing you to connect a VCR, DVD player, and camcorder or games console.

Audio Inputs
Allows you to connect the sound output of your TV to an external unit, such as a hi-fi.
Auto Picture Size Adjustment
TV automatically adjusts to the proportions of the broadcast image signal to fit your screen size. Auto Set-Up
A function available on some TVs and videos that automatically tunes in all TV channels in the correct order.
Auto Tracking
Automatically checks and adjusts the tracking on a video tape when it is played.
Recordable CD giving digital quality. There is no loss of sound or no sound deterioration when recording onto Recordable CDs. Recordable Compact Disc also allows up to 650Mb of data to be stored very cheaply on a Compact Disc.Data is written to the CDR using a special CD Writer, but once written, is permanently burned into the CD and cannot be erased or re-written.
Recordable and Re-writeable Compact Disc - Allowing up to 650Mb of data to be stored on a compact disc using a special CD Writer. Unlike CDR, data can be written to the CDRW more than once.
A CD or DVD Player that can play back audio compact discs recorded on a CDR or CDRW recorder.
DAC Digital to Analogue Converter
(DAC) is the circuitry that turns digital signals into analogue signals. DVD players have a video DAC and an audio DAC. DAC is measured in bits - the higher the number of bits the more the original picture information is transferred. A 24-bit audio DAC will provide better quality sound transfer than a 20-bit audio DAC.
Digital Output
Most DVD players have digital audio outputs in order to send a Dolby Digital soundtrack to a Dolby Digital decoder or Dolby Digital TV.
Digital 8
Digital high-resolution camcorder format found predominantly on Sony camcorders. It is backwards compatible with 8mm and Hi8 formats.
Dolby Digital
Dolby Digital is a six independent channel ultimate new generation home cinema system. Comprising of stereo front, left & right, centre, stereo rear left and right and a subwoofer channel for dedicated Bass effects.
Dolby Pro-Logic surround
Surround sound format, comprising four audio channels of sound: stereo front or centre, front left and right; centre; and rear channels.
Coloured keys on the remote control provide fast access to key teletext.
Improves picture definition and minimises screen reflection. The picture will not be distorted unlike ordinary screens.
VCRs have separate playback and record heads ensuring clear playback in functions such as slow motion, freeze frame, long Play and pause.
Long play
The video player is able to doubles the length of the recording/ playing time.
Shorthand for MPEG Audio Layer 3, a set of standards for storing and compressing digital audio files. MP3 compresses the sound in a CD file.
MPEG'Moving Picture Experts Group'.
MPEG is a computer file format (usually digital video and audio files) which reduces the space needed to store the information.
An alternative digital surround sound system to Dolby Digital. Like Dolby Digital, MPEG2 also uses six independent channels of digital sound.
Micro Hi-Fi Systems
Micro Systems are amazingly compact in size, so are ideal for places where space is an issue. They often come as one single unit.
Multibrand Remote Control
VCR remote control that will also operate most brands of TV.
CD quality broadcasting system for TV sound. The sound is broadcast in digital stereo. Nicam means Near Instantaneous Companded Audio Multiplex.
The TV broadcast standard used in Japan and the USA. Any TV with this capability can receive NTSC signals from VCR or DVD.
On Screen Display. Graphics on the TV screen guiding through controls, settings and functions.
broadcast system used in the UK and some other countries.
Parental Lock (DVD)
Allows discretionary 'locking' of software using a code so that undesirable or inappropriate sections are automatically skipped (software dependent).
A scart cable connects the video, audio and system control signals, to and from the VCR, TV, Games Console or other equipment.SCART SocketConsists of a 21-pin cable connector socket that provides connections between different AV equipment.
Super VHS-A higher quality video cassette format giving better picture resolution than a standard VHS tape.
Super VHSC - A higher quality video camcorder cassette format giving better picture resolution than a standard VHSC tape.
This is a high quality connection standard for products which utilise S-VHS,S-VHSC, Hi8 or other higher quality picture formats. It gives better results than standard composite video connection.
Sleep Timer
Allows the unit, a TV or HIFI to turn itself off after a set period of time.
Twin Tuners - Video Recorders
Twin tuners allow you to watch one channel and record another - e.g. you can watch one programme on BBC, while you record another on ITV.
This is a recording system on videos. By entering codes found in most TV guides, it simplifies the process of programming a video recorder to record a particular TV show, instead of entering start time,start date,end time and end date.
The widescreen shape (16:9) provides a picture close to that of which you would see in the cinema. Larger Televisions are now adopting the Widescreen picture format (16:9).

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