Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Use Blogs to promote company website

Blogs are an instant and cost effective way of increasing the involvement of the staff in a company in the use of the company website.
It can be done by making all employees have the company website or( with RSS feed coming from the companies blog or blogs.) as their homepage. A newsreel feed on the page can be linked to the blog. This encourages the staff to read the blogs.
It is a good idea to have more then one blog. One blog should contain latest company news and announcements. The staff should be encouraged to write about their area of expertise. The company PR and marketing divisions should put their output into the blog before they send it anywhere else. (brilliant for proofreading!)Aside from getting non-technical/IT staff interested in the company website it also gets up to the minute keywords and information on to your site, so increasing its visibility to the search engines.
The second blog could be latest vacancies. The third could be internal news and staff interests.
My biggest problem in designing websites is not the coding, but the copy writing.

This was done using preset templates from Blogger.
You have the option of hosting the blog on your own site, which is the recommended route to take, if you want more traffic.
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