Sunday, October 21, 2007

Top 10 Database design tools

These are the Tools I personally find most useful.


Great first database design program. Wizard driven form,button and report generators. Has the advantage of being able to run on most business PC's running Microsoft Office. You can get under the hood with Visual basic and VBA. Can be used in multi user environments. Also good as front end for MySQL and MSSQL databases.


Great second database program to use. Install on your webserver and use it for blogging, e-commerce, CMS systems, forums, etc. There are lots of great scripts available for this platform and most are easily configurable. Slight differences in the field data format with MSAccess.

DB Tools Manager

Great Database management tool. Backup and copy data. Run SQL commands, view data, manage connections,


One of the few Microsoft programs that keeps text files clean.

PHP MyAdmin

Web based MySQL editor, controls MySQL through browser.

Excel, 123, Google Documents

A Spreadsheet program for cleaning and preparing data.

Data converters

Essential when working with legacy data.


PDF printer and file generator.


Solid FTP program.

Dreamweaver, XML Spy

For publishing and creating XML content.

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