Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Skype Mobile phone released for UK

Skype in conjunction with 3 have launched a £50 pay as you go phone with built in Skype button.
The phone will be ready for delivery on November 2nd 2007. The chinese made phone has an mp3 player, 2 Megapixal camera, bluetooth, and the usual 3G phonetools with great integration from Skype.
This phone will be welcomed by members of the business community who are using Skype with their chinese suppliers. The close integration of Skype makes this an ideal second handset. Although I can see this becoming my main phone.

It is available in three colours direct from Skype or from 3 outlets in the UK.
Buy Skype Mobile Here!

The Move to mobile for Skype will the news of the year. Well done and keep it up.


RebTel international calls said...

People do use VOIP a lot in business. Chinese suppliers are just one of the recipients of calls made using RebTel and alternatives such as Skype. Hand held devices will make it easier to communicate using these systems.

Kigton said...

Best move they could make for residential and business.