Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Free UK Payroll Software

Today I started using 12Pay, a really useful alternative to Sage or TAS.
It is fully compliant with HMRC, and has all the bells and whistles normally only
found in much more expensive software.

It really is free for small business, however the paid version allows online submission, personalised payslips and advanced reporting. The paid version starts at £54.90 per year and will handle 30 employees. For more then 30 the £99.80 Bureau edition is the one to buy.
So go now and look at your current payroll costs and then consider if you really need to spend that much.

The philosophy behind 12Pay is ease of use for the first time user, although hardened
professionals will also be impressed at its quick setup and user friendly interface.

The website has lots of useful guides and video. An active forum testifies to its popularity with
UK business. Any business looking to cut costs, save time and maintain standards could not
have a better first step then signing up with 12Pay.

Take my advice and tell your accounts department to visit 12Pay and download a trial of the best free payroll software available in the UK today.

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