Monday, January 07, 2008

Free Accounts software from Microsoft

It is not often that Microsoft gives out something for free but a version of their accounts program Office Accounting Express 2008 is available from them for download at Office Accounts downloads
It is a cut down version of their Office Accounting Professional 2008 which retails at a very competitive £149. So if you are fed up shelling out to Sage this is something you should considor.
The Pro version is multiuser, multicurrency, and MS SQL ready.

List of Features



Core Accounting (Nominal ledger, Sales Ledger, Purchase Ledger, invoicing, purchase invoice payment and banking) ✔ ✔
Integration with Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook ✔ ✔
Integration with add-on Payroll and e-Payment services* ✔ ✔
Visit the Resource Centre to get help with common questions ✔ ✔
Generate VAT returns ✔ ✔
Over 40 additional reports
Multiuser access (peer to peer or over Small Business Server network)
Job costing and department tracking
Stock tracking and valuation
Customisable company dashboard
Sales Orders
Purchase Orders
Cash Flow Forecasting
Recurring documents
Late payment charges
Run on SQL Server 2005 Standard, Workgroup or Enterprise edition
Foreign currency support
*Additional fees apply.


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Hey that sounds pretty interesting..i have heard about this news quite a time back ..but i am still unaware is MS has launched this software in market or not..but i am eagerly waiting for this.