Thursday, January 05, 2006

Freedom Of Information Act UK

The government of the UK wants to introduce charges for Freedom of Information requests.
They say that it is costing them too much to answer these requests. This is ridiculous considering the amount of computing power available to them and the spending they have done and are doing. 4 billion pounds on ID card database, 5 Billion on ID card usage database, 5 billion on NHS consultant booking system. ( I personally believe there is massive corruption in the purchase of these systems.)
I might set up a site to allow people to publish the answers they receive under FOI requests. Remember you can request information anonymously.

All government information should be published automatically with an easy to search index.

I notice that the government is considering changing its cannabis leglislation today on the grounds that it may cause mental illness, this is fresh coming from a government that just liberalised alcohol selling rules. Most people under the influence of alcohol ARE psychotic. Cannabis is a very mild drug in comparison.

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