Friday, December 02, 2005

Remote control of your PC

Remote Administrator is deployed on thousands of corporate PCs worldwide.
You view the remote computer's screen on your own monitor either in a window or full screen. All your mouse movements and keyboard signals are transferred directly to the remote computer. You work on the remote computer just as if it were right there in front of you.
With Radmin you can work with any remote computer so long as it is connected to the Internet or your local area network. You don't even need a fast network connection! A 56K modem is fast enough to provide 5-10 screen updates a second. On a LAN, real-time speeds of 100 - 500 screen updates per second is normal. Radmin’s speed can be adjusted up or down to save your bandwidth.
Radmin is very easy to learn and use. Most of our users agree that the major advantage of Radmin is its simplicity. By all reports, the interface is intuitive and the program is very easy to use. Unlike bloatware, Radmin has no useless 'value added' features that makes it hard to work with, difficult to learn, or hobbles its performance.
Radmin is extremely secure, employing 128-bit encryption for all data streams. Radmin utilizes the ever-present TCP/IP protocol—the most widespread protocol used in LANs, WANs and the Internet. This means you can control virtually any computer from anywhere in the world. When in "Full control" mode, you have complete, unlimited control of the remote computer so you can launch applications, work on documents, transfer files, even shut it down. Of course, that is provided you are the system administrator or have been granted these permissions by the system administrator.

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