Monday, November 21, 2005

Connect to any database!

I found a great program the other day as I was looking for a solution to import or link Paradox tables to an MSAccess front end. It is called DBExtra.

Major Features

Connect to Your Data

  • Create unlimited projects and organize your data by object groups.

  • You can connect to:

    • MS Access

    • MS SQL server

    • MySQL

    • Oracle

    • DB2

    • Paradox

    • DBF

    • FoxPro

    • Pervasive

    • Excel

    • Text files

    • Almost any other database through ODBC

  • Connect to databases located on a web server.

  • Assign friendly, meaningful names to objects and fields and only those friendly names will be shown to users.

  • Maintain database objects easily from the DBxtra data explorer.

Explore Your Data

  • Create business intelligence from your data with the DBxtra Data Explorer.

  • Group your database objects any way that makes sense to find the data you need quickly.

  • Filter and sort your data any way you want.

  • Assign aggregate functions.

  • Send your data by E-mail.

  • Send HTML mail.

  • Export your data to a MS Excel sheet, pivot table chart and linked data sheet.

  • Export your DBxtra reports without losing formatting to PDF, Excel or HTML.

  • Upload your data to a web server.

  • Store filters for quick and easy future access.

Create Powerful Queries

  • Create sophisticated Queries with no SQL or programming knowledge.

  • Users who know SQL can add unlimited expressions directly to queries.

  • Queries can combine results from different databases, including any of the database types DBxtra supports.

Create Powerful Reports

  • Create DBxtra Reports in just seconds.

  • Select report data sources from the data explorer.

  • Apply DBxtra filters, sort orders and groups to display only the records you need.

  • Create a clean, professional format with the DBxtra visual report designer.

Design and Deploy Active Server Pages in juts a few Minutes

Create and deploy Live connected ASP pages - without ASP, HTML or programming knowledge - All that in Just a Few Minutes.

Easy Object Maintenance

  • Maintain your objects directly from the data explorer.

  • Right click objects to rename, reassign to another group, delete and perform other management tasks.

Schedule Your Reports

  • Schedule your reports to send automatically to end users, customers, suppliers or any other interested parties at any frequency.

  • Merge e-mails and reports to customers and suppliers.

User Security

  • Define groups of users with similar job functions or data needs.

  • Ease administration by assigning privileges to entire groups of users at once.

  • Assign privileges to specific users as necessary.

Get DBExtra here

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