Friday, August 12, 2005

MSN Messenger release new version

MSN have released a new version of Messenger that incorporates live video and audio conversation like Netmeeting used to do. Communicate with mobile devices, share files, push webpages,this looks like being a serious competitor to Skype, and the other VOIP companies out there. MSN already has a high customer base for this product with all its installed user base of school kids and share traders.

This might be the basis for Microsoft's response to Yahoo and Google in the upcoming battles for portal control. Microsoft has realised that use of the internet does not have to be html browser based. A html browser can easily be incorporated into the client program. The battle is going to be won by the company that organises our desktops in the most useful and easy to use way.

Try it out here!

I had to update this blog entry seeing as there is an even newer version available in beta version. It is called Windows Live Messenger and is available here.
This version is a fully blown social networking application that will be a serious challenge to Facebook et al.

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