Sunday, May 22, 2005

Firefox now part of corporate PC setup.

I have been using Firefox for over 6 months now and I only use Explorer when I really have to.

10% of my callouts can be solved by installing Firefox. It cuts down on support resource usage and is very positively received by our clients.
We have actually been actively recommending Firefox for about five months and now our special corporate PC setup service now includes the installation of Firefox and making it the default browser.
The minor inconvenience of no ActiveX is easily compensated for by the lack of browser hijacks.

Get Firefox!

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nodenet said...

I have just set up an internet cafe for a client who has a lot of young customers. (kids). He was worried about them downloading toolbars and suffering page hijacks. I have used Firefox to pre-empt this from happening. He is very pleased with the result. While I was renaming the Firefox icon from 'firefox' to 'internet access' I was asked by the client if I could replace the Firefox icon with Blue E icon that the kids traditionally associated with the Internet. I didnt but I thought it was worth repeating here. I know many of us professionals have a dim view of users and could take the position that many of them would not notice the switch. How many times have you been asked 'Whats a browser?' It is best to be honest with people and tell them that IE is more unstable in a busy browsing environment then Firefox at the moment. When Firefox has 95% of the browser market then things might change. Dont be afraid to change to a new program -remember you can always go back the way you came.