Sunday, July 18, 2004

hp pavillion zv5000

I have just got a new one. fantastic. what a great screen. shipped with a load of rubbish on the hard drive and has......

HP drivers and support are available from here
- the Pavilion zv5000 page. If you want to buy one then check out Misco.


mr smith said...


Authors of directive on cholesterol have drug industry ties.

In new national guidelines, nine experts urged Americans to further lower
their cholesterol. The problem: The experts have made money from
manufacturers of cholesterol medication.

TRENTON, N.J. - (AP) - Most of the heart disease experts who urged more
people to take cholesterol-low­ering drugs this week have made money from
the com­panies selling those medicines.

Consumer groups on Friday blasted the new choles­terol guidelines as being
tainted by the influence of major Pharmaceuticals that make blockbusters
such as Lipitor and PravachoL Last year, drug makers earned $26 billion
worldwide on cholesterol-lowering medicines, the top-selling class of drugs.

The new guidelines issued Monday by the American Heart Association and the
federal government were aimed at preventing heart attacks. They were written
by nine of the country's top cholesterol experts. All but one have received
consulting or speaking fees, research money or other support from makers of
the most widely used anti-cholesterol drugs.

The new guidelines would add about 7 million more Americans to the 36
million already encouraged to take the pills to lower cholesterol, according
to Dr. James Cleeman, coordinator of the National Cholesterol Educa­tion
Program, which drew up the guidelines. NCEP is run by the National Heart,
Lung, and Blood Institute.

Cleeman said that regardless of connections to the drug industry, the advice
to high-risk heart patients to lower their LDL, or "bad cholesterol," is
sound science. The new guidelines were based on results of five drug studies
since 2001, and about 80 experts besides the authors reviewed and endorsed
them, Cleeman said.

But consumer advocates said the failure to make the conflicts of interest
clear is inexcusable.

"It's outrageous they didn't provide disclosure of the conflicts of
interest," said Merrill Goozner, with the Cen­ter for Science in the Public

nodenet said...

spread the butter on thick
Just remember it takes a huge bag of sunflower seeds to make a tiny tub of margerine.
Most americans are overweight maybe if they gave blood it might help them out.Cholesterol is the breakdown product of blood - expelled from the gall bladder. makes your shit the colour it is, and is used as a soap for helping the absorbtion of fats into the body.
It gets turned into vitamin d by sunlight.

Cholesterol sandwiches anyone?
keep on truckin'